Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update on Caroline

Caroline's camp ended yesterday. Everything went as planned...she made it to Minneapolis on the camp bus and was picked up by our friends.

She was exhausted! We were supposed to do a video chat with her last night so that we could all see her before she got home today. At 6 pm, she asked Julie if there was a guest room. When Julie answered in the affirmative and then asked her why, Caroline asked if she could take a nap. That was the last anyone heard from her until 7 this morning!

This morning, we ran into a snag. Our plan was for Caroline to be on the 9 am flight out of Minneapolis/St. Paul and be back in DFW at noon. She is flying stand-by though and the flight was full. Blaine is monitoring the flights and it looks like tomorrow morning is our best shot for a flight. So, Caroline gets an extra day in the much cooler Minnesota weather!
She is doing fine though and enjoying her extra playtime with Emma.

We have such wonderful friends! Thank you Blaine, Julie and Emma for welcoming our Caroline into your home!

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