Friday, July 15, 2011

Girl Scout Camp and Boy Scout Camp

It was a really quiet week here this week. Joseph AND Libby (and Ken) were all at summer camp. Caroline and I spent the week getting ready for our trip to Minnesota and packing for her upcoming two week Chinese immersion camp experience. So we were pretty busy.
I didn't hear from the boys at their scout camp, but I was able to kind of keep track of Libby via their photo site. Although, there were no pictures of her posted until Thursday and we had to go get her on Friday. :p I was a little concerned about Libby being at camp since she tends to HATE heat and it has been over 100* for days now. And she doesn't tend to suffer in silence.
When we picked her up on Friday, the head counselor told us that she had a rough day on Monday (the day after she got there), a minor issue on Tuesday and after that she was fine. WHEW. They got off easy. She is saying that she doesn't want to go back until she is MUCH older (not next year), although she did say that the homesickness would not have been as bad if she had had Caroline with her.

She was so happy to see us. She hugged and hugged and hugged Alex, Caroline and I. She even said she missed Joseph!
I am so proud that she made it through without any major issues.
Here are the two pictures of her from the Camp Bette Perot site. 

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