Thursday, July 28, 2011

Correspondence from camp

I am sure that my children are the only ones who leave me in a vacuum when they leave for a week or two. Both Libby and Caroline were able to receive emails (Libby's for a fee, Caroline's free) at their camps. I, dutifully, emailed every day to let them know the status of important things like how many library books we checked out and how hot it is.
With both girls, I sent note cards and envelopes. I pre-addressed them and stamped them. And, I truly did not expect to receive anything. But, it was there should the muses move them.
Libby's camp did not move her to write home.
Three days before Caroline comes home though, we have received a letter!
Never has a letter generated such excitement in our house (especially, with Libby).
Dear Mom,
How's things going at home? Things are going well here. I'm having LOTS of fun!

At the surface, it doesn't seem to say much. But it DIDN'T say that she was miserable or hated it or homesick. And, that says it all.

Libby, immediately, sat down and wrote her (via email) back:
dear Carly,
we were very happy to get mail from you! And we got amon carter books today. I miss you very much I can't wait to see you again! You know that flower thing I got at camp we took it out to see it shrink and after a week or so it shrank. And when you get home I will give you a BIG HUG! Libby

And, when you know that that is the same child that would hardly tell us good-bye when we dropped her off and the same child who said that she would be fine for three weeks without Caroline because they "always fight anyway", that speaks volumes.

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