Monday, August 27, 2012

Vision Mapping our school year

This year is going to look radically different than the past 6 years at our house. For the first time, we have aged out of Moving Beyond the Page and we have to venture out on our own. To help the kids understand what we will be doing, I had them do vision maps today.
Joseph really enjoyed the process (Mr. Visual). Here are Joseph and Caroline's.

Letter from Kiki Magazine

If you are not aware, daughter #1 is very independent. She frequently takes something on and is finished before I know that she started. A few weeks ago, she wrote a letter to Kiki Magazine and enclosed one of her clothing designs. I did not get to see this design. She brought it to me, sealed in an envelope, creatively addressed (we should work on the proper addressing of envelopes....note to self) and asked for a stamp. I gave her the stamp and she put the envelope in the mailbox.
Today, she received a letter from Kiki Magazine:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Trip

Here are some pictures from our trip to Corpus Christi last week. The girls spent the summer doing a unit on Dolphins (Intellego) with the goal of going to the coast at the end to see dolphins in the wild. We had a great time. The kids are amazing travelers. We drove down on Tuesday and drove back on Friday. On Friday, we stopped for lunch in New Braunfels and that was the only stop for the 8 hour drive. The car was like a tomb! They were reading, zoning out, watching movies, and just as content as they could be.
All three kids are ready to move to the coast. They really loved the ocean.