Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caroline is at camp now

After we got Libby home, Alex, Caroline, Libby and I were home for a whopping 12 hours before we left for Minnesota. We completely missed seeing Ken and Joseph because they didn't get home until later that day.
This was our schedule:
Friday: Pick up rental car, drive to Camp Bette Perot in Athens, pick up Libby and drive back to McKinney (stopping to eat at Gloria's at Libby's request) and pick up tamales to deliver to Julie in St. Paul.

Saturday: Leave McKinney at 7 am bound for Kansas City. Arrive in Kansas City at 3:30 pm

Sunday: Leave KC for St. Paul, MN. Arrive in St. Paul at about 4 pm. We spent the night with my friend Julie and her family.

Monday: Julie and I drove Caroline 4 1/2 hours to Sen Lin Hu and then drove back 4 1/2 hours to St. Paul. We spent 2 hours at the camp helping Caroline to get settled and go through all of her check in stuff. Alex, Libby and Emma (Julie's daughter) spent the day at Mall of America.

Tuesday: Leave St. Paul and  head back to Kansas City, arrived about 5 pm.

Wednesday: Leave Kansas City for McKinney, stopping to see Big Brutus in Kansas. We arrived home around 7 pm. 

I drove over 2600 miles in six days. Did I mention that I have a killer case of poison ivy right now?

Here are some pictures that Julie took of Caroline checking into camp.
When we arrived in Minnesota, it wasn't terribly different than Texas. The temperature was in the mid 90's and the humidity was 80%....that's actually WORSE than Texas. We were a little wilty.
As soon as we arrived at the camp, everything was in Chinese. Caroline had to check in, go through customs (they check for contraband....ipods, cell phones, English books, food, etc.), she had to exchange her currency (She was very impressed that her $100 got her 700 Yuan), check in with the nurse for a lice check, make her name tag, unload her stuff in her room (she has an awesome room!) and go through a little language evaluation. 

Her cabin is called the Norwegian Log Cabin
The camp is a cross country ski resort the rest of the year. This is a picture from their website. The loft above is Caroline's "bed" and the couch and chair below are hers. Her roommate has the same thing on the other side. The loft floor was large enough for her to have all of her stuff up there and still be able to move around.

Julie and I wanted to stay at camp too! What a cool place! We left Caroline after the check-in for the drive back to St. Paul. She was getting ready to go change into her swimsuit and take a dip in the lake to cool off.
As soon as we got back to Texas, the heat left MN (and their government decided to start operations again after three weeks of shutdown). So, hopefully, Caroline is enjoying some milder Minnesota weather now.

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