Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caroline is home!

She is home! Julie called me at 7:30 this morning (when I was in the shower) to tell me that Caroline could get on the flight to Oklahoma City at 9:00. That meant I had to haul butt out of the house and start driving to OKC because the flight was quicker than the drive!
So, Libby and I left at 7:45, we slid into place at the gate (after getting the gate pass and going through security) at 11:17. Caroline arrive at 11:25. Whew.
We ate lunch in OKC and drove back home. We got home about 5:30 this afternoon.
She has talked nonstop and LOVED her camp experience.
My little girl left on the quiet side and a bit shy around people she didn't know. She came home very talkative and very self-assured. I am amazed that she was at camp for two weeks and then "stuck" in another state for 3 days more before she got home and none of it phased her. She was just as happy and chatty as she could be when Libby and I got her at the airport.
These are the pictures that came home from camp on the Caroline's camera (ok, Libby's camera that Caroline borrowed.)

Joseph and Libby are both so happy that she is finally home. Me too!

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