Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Time

Today feels like our first day of summer since it is the first Monday that we haven't had a camp to get someone to.
We were at the pool at 8:30 this morning and stayed for two hours....we had the whole thing to ourselves the entire time.
The kids are in rare form today and were coming up with some things that had me giggling.
Joseph told me that he has an "inspiration":
I am not pushing the bush
I am not pulling the bull.
Then he told Caroline that she looked really cute withe her hair straight (it was wet) and her goggles off.
Caroline says to me, "I am over teared with joy."
What does that mean?, I asked Caroline.
She replied, "I don't know, it is just something I heard somewhere. But, that is the first nice thing that Joseph has ever said to me and it made me really happy. "
The swimming pool has these two new floating turtles that are anchored to the bottom of the pool. Joseph spent most of the two hours climbing on it, balancing on it and choreographing a "Turtle Dance".

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Holly said...

OH how fun! We Love your pool. The turtles look awesome.