Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cub Scout Camp

Today was day 2 of cub scout camp. This is the only picture today because I had no memory card in my little camera (ahem....this would be because the kids were taking videos with it yesterday and then watching them on the wii). So this one was taken with my phone. Joseph didn't play soccer today (just like he didn't play flag football or shoot bb guns on Monday). I figured it had to be a Kodak moment if Joseph was going to do something that might require some physical exertion.

It was another fun day at camp! The girls came home singing the Bazooka Bubble Gum song and doing the dance moves and Joseph made a Pirate Ship at his woodcrafting station. We also had great weather today, which is a major thing in Texas in June! If we can keep this breeze going for a couple of more days it will be all good.

I think that Joseph is probably the only one there that has started on his egg drop project. I hope that a lot of kids participate in it. Yesterday would have been the perfect day to work on the project since camp had been cancelled and the kids needed something to do anyway! :)

That was pretty much our day today. By the time we get home at around 1:30, the kids are pretty wiped out and lay around the rest of the day. Libby did a lot of drawing and coloring and Caroline laid around reading. Joseph just sort of hung out. Libby asked me at 3:00 if it was almost dinner or bedtime yet.

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