Monday, June 9, 2008

First day of Scout Camp

No pictures today, but we had our first day of cub scout camp. We had to leave the house at a time when the kids are not even normally up yet (7:30). That made for some sleepy campers this afternoon.
The kids had fun. The girls went with the "lil buddies" and Joseph and I were with a group of wolves and bears. Joseph refused to do two of his four activities today. He participated in a group painting and building a bird feeder, but he would not do flag football or bb guns.
Libby woke up crying this morning and cried until I dropped her off. Then she was fine all day. Until it was time to go home. Then she cried some more. She calmed down long enough to get bathed and convince me that she was OK to go see Kung Fu Panda before German dancing. Well, she made it through the movie and then promptly went to sleep at German dancing. When I picked her up to bring her home, she was very warm.
So, now I am wondering how we will work that out tomorrow. That was not part of the plan.

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