Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day of Cub Scout Camp

Well, yesterday was a bust for us. Libby woke up saying that it hurt to swallow. My gut told me that it was probably allergies, but I couldn't really wait to test that and take the chance that she was really sick. She has been acting like she is coming down with something all week long. So, of course, by 9:30 she was fine. We missed Thursday at day camp though.
Apparently, she is not a morning person. If we haven't learned anything else this week, we learned that.
This morning, she woke up crying and cried until I dropped her off at Lil' Buddies, but she never did perk back up. The staff said that she did perk up a little bit at 9:37 and ask for a snack, but it didn't last very long. She didn't eat lunch (nor had she had breakfast), when I took her back after lunch she fell the middle of day camp and slept for quite a while.

Joseph's day went pretty well though. He actually played badminton, so that was good. Although he refused to do archery this time (I think he had a "been there, done that" mentality). The egg drop went VERY well though. Our "country" of Cyprus had 8 successful egg drops out of 9 eggs! Woohoo!
The "reveal" in the video is from our trial runs the other day. Joseph packed his egg into a tissue box with cottonballs, but the secret weapon was the frame uberstix inside the tissue box!

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