Friday, April 15, 2011

Nasher Homeschool Class

We had one of our favorite events this week....the Nasher Sculpture Center. They always have amazing exhibits and their educational staff does a phenomenal job of make it accessible to the kids.
The class this time was about Conservation of art.
The kids are examining this painting to look for things that might have happened to it since the artist painted it.

Here, the kids sketched out one of their shoes and did a damage inventory of it.

We also talked quite a bit about before and after in art. The kids sketched out drawings to make their projects, which were shrinky dinks.

Joseph's was quite involved. :p (It didn't look like this when we shrunk it.)
One of the pieces of art that is on exhibit is a room that is half filled with balloons....all yellow. It is meant to be interactive, so they let you go in the room. There were 3,000 balloons in the room. I learned that it is difficult to take pictures of people when you are surrounded by balloons. :p

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