Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chinese Commercial

Since Caroline has been taking Chinese now for two years, I started researching language immersion camps. Ha! There is no way that she will be doing that is THIS lifetime without being adopted by Donald Trump. I did find Concordia Language Villages who offer contests and scholarships to help send potential campers to camp.

Caroline decided to do an entry for their Commercial Contest. The commercial is supposed to be in a language other than your own and in the style of the target country. It is also supposed to be about a Chinese product. We didn't exactly fill that requirement, but all of the Chinese products that we could find commercials for were American things (like McDonald's and Coke). There are some really funny ones out there for American things in Chinese. And we got quite an education in Asian commercials. They are very different than American ones.
The company that we are imitating did this commercial during the Beijing Olympics and they helped pioneer the Asian style of repeating things three times in a commercial.
Here is the commercial that we imitated.

Here is their original commercial which is really kind of painful to watch.
 And here is our version.
 Keep your fingers crossed for her!!

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Christina said...

That's fabulous, Teri! I loved watching your dd's version of the commercial.