Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girl Scout Day at Dallas Heritage Village

This is another "girl" weekend here. Ken and Joseph are on their second Boy Scout camp out and Alex has been busy working.
Today was the annual Girl Scout Day at Dallas Heritage Village and there was a Laura Ingall's theme. We are all over that one.
I made the girls dresses and bonnets and their dolls dresses and bonnets with fabric that I had laying around the house. They looked pretty stinkin' cute!

All of the activities directly related to the Little House books.
That afternoon, when Carrie was asleep, Ma beckoned Mary and Laura. Her face was shining with a secret. They put their heads close to hers, and she told them. They could make a button string for Carrie's Christmas!
Making button strings....

 Washing clothes on the washboard. They each earned a penny for their hard work which they then went to the general store and used to buy a piece of chalk for school.

Then Mary saw a red bead and Laura saw a green one, and they forgot everything but beads. Pa helped them look. They found white beads and brown beads, and more and more red and blue beads. All that afternoon they hunted for beads in the dust of the Indian camp.

Writing on the slate with our hard earned piece of chalk. 

Hand "tinting" photographs

Churning butter

Mary sat beside Ma and sewed another block of her non-patch quilt, but Laura mixed another bucketful of mud.

Listening to music from the Little House books.

Trying out the plow (with a little help!)

Is it just me, or does Caroline look like she is dancing with the hoe? ;)

Tuckered out. It should be noted that it is the first week of April and she was "hot". It may be a long summer.
 A picture of the girls and their outfits.

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