Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bucket Bonnets

This week, we will have a field trip to the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth with our homeschool co-op, Homeschoolers EXCEL. This is one of our final events to wrap up our America Semester. The first part of our field trip will be a one room schoolhouse experience (hm...that will be different :p) with some of the moms as teachers. Log Cabin Village encourages participants to wear costumes and pack authentic lunches to help enrich the experience.
I posted a couple of weeks ago the dresses and bonnets that I made for the girls. This is one of the events that those were made for. The kids decided we needed metal pails for our lunches...and, no, one large pail would not be sufficient. We EACH need a pail. We found the perfect buckets at Home Depot last weekend for about $3 each. Joseph, however, thought that we needed covers for the pails so that they weren't exposed to the elements and bugs. He thought something like a shower cap would be good. So, we made bucket bonnets and matching napkins.

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