Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We almost won a CAR!!!

Today, on our way out of Scottish Rite, Alex called me to tell me that Ellen was Tweeting that her crew was in Dallas for a big giveaway and that she was just down the road from the hospital.
So, Libby and I decided that we would go check it out and see if it was really crowded or what. We got there about 3:30, parked a couple of blocks away and walked over. There weren't too many people there at that time...maybe 100 or so? They announced that they would be giving each person a raffle ticket in exchange for a dollar bill that would go toward Ellen for the Cure. We were told to write, "Ellen" on the dollar bill and trade it for the raffle ticket. So, we got in line and waited to do that. Libby wrote on her dollar and I wrote on mine. ;)
Once we got into the roped off area for raffle ticket holders, we had to wait about an hour for something to happen. By this time, it is about 5:00, but Libby is still doing well (it helped that the weather was beautiful today).
Libby waiting

Jeanie came out and announced that they would be calling out 12 raffle ticket numbers. The crowd surged forward, so I put Libby on my shoulders so that the camera could see her if it panned. We dug out our tickets and dutifully read along. We found out later that there were over 500 people there.
I was FLOORED when we were like the 4th or 5th number to be called out! I pushed my way through the crushing crowd with Libby still on my shoulders and made my way to the front.
After another 45 minutes or so, we were lined up to listen to Ellen talk to us live about what would happen next. Our task was to use a bag of stuff provided by the producers to make a Halloween costume. The winner would win a new GMC Terrain.

Well, long story...umm...not AS long, we didn't win. We had a ton of fun though and they gave us a $100 Chevron gift card.
Dang...I would have LOVED to have that new car that gets 600 miles to the tank! My car has 120,000 miles on it with the daily treks to Scottish Rite Hospital still going strong.
All I had with me today was my cell phone, so the pictures are not great.
Jeanie and Libby

You know how celebrities always get free stuff? Well, when we walked into California Pizza Kitchen tonight for dinner (at 7:30 pm!), the manager at the door asked me how my evening had been and I told her the whole story. LOL She comped desserts for us. :D

Oh! The segment was shot for the Wednesday, Oct. 21 show, so don't miss us! :D

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