Saturday, October 17, 2009

National Scouting Museum

The big news on Saturday was that Joseph got to go to the Scout Museum and talk to an astronaut via a live radio feed...well, that was the plan anyway.
Let me start at the beginning...
JOTA was this weekend. As part of this event there was an arrangement through the Amateur Radio Operators to have a link with the International Space Station. About 20 boys were picked from the North Texas area to ask a question of the astronaut. The boys had to submit a question in advance and be selected. So we had several weeks of build-up for this deal.
We got to the Scouting Museum early so we could check out the exhibits. The kids and I have been several times, but Alex and Ken had never been.
We played at the Shooting Arcade
Libby Oakley

Ken and Alex

We raced Pinewood Derby Cars
Caroline chasing down the winner

We tried out the bicycle race game
Look at those legs!


And we played the random hand waving parachuter game thing

And we watched them set up the radio link

Then it was time to rehearse

And rehearse again

He actually rehearsed 5 or 6 times.
And he waited.

For over 10 minutes, the Hawaii station tried to make contact with the ISS, but it never went through. :( Everyone was quite disappointed. The Hawaii contact said that their station has participated in 90 of these and there has never been an issue.
Joseph was appeased a bit by going to eat ribs at Red, Hot and Blue (because BBQ can fix anything!)
It was still a fun family outing despite not getting to actually hear the astronaut's answer to the burning question,
"What is it like to be in zero gravity?"

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