Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on the Astronaut Q&A? We got an email from a real live American Hero!

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Remember the failed attempt to ask an Astronaut about what it was like to be in zero gravity?
I posted about this on Facebook and a friend of mine from high school (that I haven't seen in 25 years!) sent me a message telling me that he has a friend who is a minister in Clear Lake. He often does the lift-off prayer service down there and he knew a bunch of astronauts. He offered to contact his friend and ask him to ask an astronaut to email Joseph.
What an awesome thing to offer! I didn't tell Joseph though because it was such a longshot and so many connections to make.
Today, we got an email!!


I heard that you missed out on an opportunity to talk to a friend of mine recently. Jeff Williams is on the International Space Station now but before he left, we worked together as shuttle astronauts although I never had the chance to fly a mission with him. I recently completed a visit to the Hubble Space Telescope as the mission commander. My crew did five spacewalks to repair and upgrade the telescope. It is in great shape now and is taking some phenomenal imagery of this amazing universe we live in. if you send me your address, I will send you some photos of my crew along with a mission patch. When Jeff gets home next March, I will ask him to send you a photo and patch as well.>>

Thanks for your interest in space. It really is a great place to work and I hope that you continue your studies so that you can part of the effort that takes us back to the moon and on to Mars in the future!>>

God bless,

Scott Altman
CDR, STS 125

How cool is this?!?!

I looked up Scott Altman and found this article.

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