Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On Wednesday, we met our friends, Heather, Nick and Emma in Durango where they spend their summers. We had a great time at the Ski Resort formerly known as Purgatory. ;) We got 1/2 day passes to play on the Alpine Slide, Bungee Trampoline, Mechanical Bull and Rock Wall. I was absolutely floored that my kids tried ALL of those things!

This is Joseph and Nick at the top of the Alpine Slide waiting for their turn. Joseph on the Rock Wall. I was so proud of him! That was a LOT of work for him.

Caroline on the Bungee Trampoline.

Libby riding on the ski lift up to the Alpine Slide.

Libby's turn on the Bungee Trampoline.

Libby on the Mechanical Bull.

Caroline takes a turn with the Bull.

Cowboy Joe has a go!

Holly, the kids and I stayed the night at the resort. We got an INCREDIBLE deal by standing at the front desk and debating whether we wanted to stay there or go back to town. ;) We got a $700 a night 2 bedroom condo for $160...including tax! :D This was our view from our window. I can't imagine how gorgeous it would be during ski season.

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