Friday, July 3, 2009


What a great trip! We got home last night after a long car ride, but everyone did great and we made it! :D In case you ever wondered, you can get from Santa Fe to McKinney with three children and a husband in just under 14 hours.
I am going to add posts with pictures a little at a time so that this doesn't turn into a War and Peace post.

We left early on Thursday, July 2 for our adventure. Ken drove Holly's Expedition, loaded to the roof with two families' worth of stuff and two boys. The girls (Holly, myself, Libby, Caroline and Audrey) were all in the mini-van following behind.
The girls spent most of the trip reading, listening to audiobooks and watching movies on their individual dvd players. The first day, we drove to Albuquerque which was also a very long drive. Holly's husband flew in late in the afternoon and arrived at the hotel within 5 minutes of our little caravan.
After dinner, a swim and a good nights sleep, we were off to Pagosa Springs. We made a quick stop in Chama to pick up some groceries that wouldn't have made the long drive the day before and then the rest of the way into the basin below Pagosa Springs where the cabin is located.

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