Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Continental Divide Hike

While the Moms and kids were whooping it up in Durango and staying in a plush two bedroom condo, the Dads were on an 18 mile (yes, that is EIGHTEEN) hike to the Continental Divide. They hiked up AND BACK in one day! This was a 14 hour hike for the guys.
They were some tired, happy, sore, jubilant hikers!
Ken's calorimeter on his watch said that he burned 7,200 calories that day.
The only picture they didn't get, that I would have loved was the one when they got home where they sat in the mountain fed stream drinking their beers. ;)
These pictures were taken with Joseph's Green Bean.


Holly said...

Those are just awesome pictures. We were hiking the same time at Caprock Canyon close to Amarillo, I think your weather was nicer.

What is Joseph's Green Bean?

Teri said...

Joseph's Green Bean is an Argus Green Bean caribiner camera. It's a $50 camera that takes great pictures, especially outside!

Holly said...

I am so going to have to look into that. Patrick broke my old Cannon that he was using, he was walking while taking a picture, tripped and fell face first on the lens