Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apple Camp

The Apple Stores have a series of kids camps that are 1 day, 3 hour long workshops really.
I would have posted about them earlier, but I signed my kids up as soon as I got the email at 10:00 at night back in June and by the next morning at 8 am they were all showing full in the Dallas area.
The kids went to their first one today and it was on making a presentation (a Mac "powerpoint") about vacation.
The kids also got a diploma for completing it, an apple camp tshirt, a poster and their presentation on a cd. Pretty awesome for FREE!

A few things were lost in the translation of converting to QuickTime and uploading to YouTube. All three of them had a short video on their 3rd slide saying how much they love Colorado and the girls had theirs put to "Our Last Summer" from Mama Mia. Both of those are gone on all of them.

They have their 2nd camp on Monday on making a movie on an Apple. There is a two camp limit per kid. That said, my kids were 3/4 of the class today.
Here are the kids at the camp today...along with one of Josh (one of the two camp counselors).

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