Monday, March 16, 2009

The new "master" bedroom

Here is another change in our space. Ken and I moved into Joseph's room.
And if you were jealous of the lovely pastoral setting that we are now calling home, you will be simply green to find out that we have a zillion twinkling stars on the walls and ceiling when the lights are out. ;)

Some of us are handling the changes better than others. I am happy to report that all of the two legged members of the family are fine with it. One of our four footed members is happy as long as she can lay in between two humans. The other four footed member, however, is completely befuddled. He tried to run into our "old" room last night when we told him it was bedtime, then he ran back downstairs when that didn't seem right and he ran back up again. He did this several times and finally laid down in what we are now calling "The Dormitory". I went to bed and after a few minutes, he was barking to get out, but he ran back downstairs as soon as the door was opened. He had to be physically escorted to his new space in his new room.
This morning wasn't any better, he ran out as soon as Ken woke up (normally, he sleeps until I get up and doesn't really stir until I am ready to go downstairs). I had to get up at 6 to let him out and then he wouldn't come back up with me. Poor old Toby. It may take him a few days to get used to this. ;)

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