Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disney On Ice

Tonight, the kids and I had the pleasure of going to see Disney On Ice. The girls went a few years ago to see the Disney Princess on Ice show, but Joseph has never been. We got to go because a fellow blogger had a contest and gave away a family four pack of tickets....and WE won!
Because we didn't want to get stuck in traffic, we headed down to Dallas EARLY and ate dinner at Cafe Express on McKinney Ave at about 4:30. The girls, of course, are in their special occasion fluffy skirts.

Are my kids the only ones that can eat an entire meal that is white? (Macaroni, breadsticks and french fries...oh well, it was a special night, right?)

Apparently, it isn't just my kids that will eat that. How bold is that?

After dinner, we headed over to the American Airlines Center and Victory Park. We peeked in and watched the Channel 8 anchors getting ready for the news. Gloria Campos spotted the girls in their skirts and started waving to them and mouthed, "I like your skirts!"

Maybe we came down just a bit too early.

I was a little bummed. I grabbed my little camera so that it would be easy to carry, but the batteries kept dying on me. I would squeak a picture in and then it would give me a "Change your batteries" message and die everytime I took a picture, so I only took a few.
Here is the only one I got in the arena. The kids are settled in with their $10 snowcones and ready for the show. The all LOVED it. And I love to watch the look of wonder on their face when they get to enjoy a treat like that.
Thanks so much Yolanda!


Yolanda said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the show! We were there as well and definitely had a great time. The girls are so cute in their pettiskirts.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What a fun day! LOVE the petties!


jewelrylady said...

Love the skirts! We had tickets to go too but I couldn't convince my doctor that I would still be on bed rest at American Airlines. :o) So dh took my little Miss. I hope they had fun! The snowcones look so yummy!
Stacey (jewelrylady)