Friday, September 12, 2008

Two Birthday Girls

Caroline's birthday is next Friday and Libby's follows in a couple of weeks. They both mentioned today that they wanted Nana and Papa and Nanny and Hoppy to be there for their birthdays. Since Nana and Papa are here RIGHT NOW because of Hurricane Ike, I told them I didn't think they would be coming back up in the next few weeks. So, the girls decided this afternoon that we should do their birthdays today. ;) We had already gotten the gifts, so I ran out and got wrapping paper and cupcakes (from the new Cupcakery in Frisco) and we were good to go.
We had a birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then cupcakes afterwards. The girls love their new DIDJs from LeapFrog. Libby thanked me at least three times for buying that for her.
The tie-dye dresses were dyed by a mama on a board that I am on...aren't they cute?

(Sorry Nanny and Hoppy, I was kind of thinking that you all wouldn't be able to make a birthday party with two hours notice. We did call Jackie, but she was working tonight.)

Caroline's "6"

Libby is going to be 7!

Blowing out the candles...


Here are our birthday girls!


Shannon said...

So cute!

We need to see you guys! Except for Ben's birthday, it's been months!

Krisinda said...

I love Caroline's #6 candle - where'd you get it? Those cupcakes look YUMMY! Happy early birthday to the girls!!!