Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A study of Good Citizenship

Here in Texas, our homeschool requirements are minimal. I mean MINIMAL. We don't have to tell anyone that we are going to do it, we don't have to keep records of any kind, turn in grades or have standardized testing done. The only requirement that we have is that we have a "curriculum designed to meet basic education goals of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and a study of good citizenship". That's it.
Oh, and they do add into the law that the curriculum not be "a sham".
We, of course, MORE than cover these requirements. In addition to our regular history, social studies and government that we cover in our "regular" school, all three kids are also in scouts.
I think that this week we have covered a good year of "studying good citizenship". The girls have been working on making lap blankets for the last two weeks in preparation for a field trip to the VA Hospital today. Of course, Joseph also helped and joined us on the field trip. In addition to that, the kids made a dozen Child Comfort Kits to give to the Red Cross for the kids affected by Hurricane Ike. We had a list from the Red Cross (through Girl Scouts) about what to include in the kits:

American Red Cross
CHILD Comfort Kit Directions

Please place the following in gallon-size plastic bag:
· One small bar of soap
· One trial size shampoo
· One trial size conditioner
· One trial size toothpaste
· One toothbrush
· One washcloth
· One package of tissues
· One comb
· One coloring book
· One small package of crayons

The kids really enjoyed doing both of these activities. I was really impressed with how well they did at the VA Hospital...actually, we were at the rehab center. The kids all talked to the patients and were very sweet.

When we got home, the girls put in a movie and made popcorn. Caroline was the "server" (Complete with roller skates)


Cortni said...

That is really cool. You have great kids!

Teri said...

Thanks Cortni! I like to check in your blog since we seem to have some parallels going on. ;)