Monday, September 22, 2008

Joseph gets picked

Another post from Oktoberfest.
While we were waiting for the kids last performance on Sunday, we sat in the Kinder Tent and watched the various performers. Joseph got picked to help out during one of the acts.
The entertainer asked, "for a really brave boy" and Joseph jumped right up and his hand shot up in the air.
Doesn't he just OOZE bravery?! LOL

First the guy wanted Joseph to imitate some dance moves (not happenin')

Then the entertainer brought out the extra tall unicycle and told Joseph that he would be riding it. (Joseph's reaction: You want ME on THAT?!)

Joseph very bravely waiting to be lifted up by the other volunteer (the biggest guy in the audience).

The audience guy lifting Joseph as the clown lifts the unicycle too high for him to reach.

That was pretty much the extent of his participation. The clown did ride the unicycle though. ;)

Is it just me, or does Joseph have a striking resemblance to Pinocchio?

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