Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yellow Cake Cake and Happy Birthday Joseph!

Today is Joseph's NINTH birthday. I can't believe it has been nine years since my sister passed out in the delivery room and went into vagal spasms and had to be taken to the ER right as Joseph was born. ;)
We had a giggle last night telling Joseph that story and the other amusing story about his birth. Joseph was born at 3 am on May 9th. At midnight, I had been laying there timing contractions and I knew that it was almost time. I realized then that I had never gotten gas the day before and my gas tank was empty, so I woke Ken up and told him to go get gas in the car. He got up, dressed, got the keys and went to the gas station without ANY questions. He was halfway through pumping gas when he realized that he was up in the middle of the night at the gas station and why in the world would I want him to do that.....OOOOOOOHHHHHH! We joke that I could wake him up in the middle of the night and tell him to rob a bank and he would do it, no questions asked. ;)
So my 9 year old son a YEAR ago told me he wanted a "Yellow Cake Cake" for his birthday. This came about because we had gone to see Get Smart, the movie. In the movie, Maxwell Smart goes to a bakery which is a front for uranium manufacturing. There is a running gag in the movie about "yellow cake cake" and Joseph is ALL about puns. So, here is the yellow cake cake.
I had a really difficult time trying to figure out what a yellow cake cake LOOKS like besides being yellow cake. I ultimately came up with a yellow hazard barrel with a nuclear reactive symbol on it. \
Many thanks to my very good natured baker/cake decorator jenniferagy for humoring us on this one.
Get Smart,Yellow Cake Cake Uranium


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! ...and the story about pumping gas at midnight is a riot.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That cake is just great! Happy Birthday Joseph!!


RCha88 said...

Very cool. Being someone who has enjoyed making my kids' birthday cakes over the years and a nuclear engineer, I can't believe I never thought of the yellow cake cake - guess I should've seen Get Smart.
Happy (belated) b-day Joseph.

Rick C.