Monday, May 25, 2009

Pop-Up House

Joseph really really really likes pop-up cards and books. He is fascinated by the elaborate pop-up books at the bookstore. He frequently will make a pop-up card for someone when he is thinking about them. Today, he made a pop-up house.
This is what it looks like folded up.

This is the interior. Notice the pole for support. The yellow on the right are stairs to the roof.

This is the outside of the house....with a roll out sidewalk and a door that opens and closes.

Another shot of the interior. You can see the table with things on top of it and a wall of cabinets.

Not shown: The roof of the house with a lawnchair and a frisbee.

1 comment:

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Great house! I love the stairs... that was really creative.