Saturday, May 23, 2009

Belt Testing

The kids had belt testing on Friday night for their Tae Kwon Do class. This was a huge accomplishment for them. Joseph had a very frustrating year in TKD previously. He was in class twice a week for an entire year but never got a stripe for his belt, much less a new belt. It was very disheartening for him and we ultimately took him out of the class. At the time, he could verbally tell you what he should do but his moves weren't sharp enough or exaggerated enough for the instructor.
This instructor is very different.
Joseph started the semester immediately saying that he would do the class but he was NOT belt testing. I was a little anxious about him on Friday night, but he hadn't mentioned that he wouldn't do it in a couple of months. He did great! Just getting through the actual test without stressing so severely that he fell apart was big by itself, but he actually did well and stayed focused the entire time.
Libby, of course, has her task completion issue. ;) This is the first class that she has taken that she has actually completed without bribery, cajoling or threats. :D I think this is directly linked to her year at Scottish Rite.
The test started at 6 pm and went for a couple of hours, so that had me a little concerned also, but all three of them hung in there and were exhausted at the end.
We will find out next Sunday how they did. I hope that no matter how it turned out they all did similarly. :p

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