Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alex's Birthday Celebration

and I don't have a single picture of Alex. :p
Here is his Star Trek birthday cake that we enjoyed before we went to Adventure Landing.

The kids, Ken and I got to Adventure Landing before Nanny, Hoppy and Alex arrived so we bought tickets for the kid go-karts and headed over there. The line was LOOOOONG and the drive time was a very generous five minutes so we were still standing in line when Alex got there. He went to get himself a ticket to ride the grown-up go-karts and then headed over there with Ken to a line that was VERRRRRRRRY LOOOOOOONG.
Joseph, Libby and Caroline really loved their driving experience.
Caroline ready to go
Libby is set

Joseph's one goal was to pass everyone as many times as he could.


I'm in the lead, mom!

It was really funny to watch Joseph. The entire time he was out there, it looked like he was just muttering to himself. We asked him about it afterwards and he said he was singing "Speed Racer".

We had one three car pile-up which had them all in a fit of giggles.

After parking (ahem) their cars and coming out, Caroline says, "I didn't have any mirrors!"

We headed over to the big go-karts to see how the grown-up guys were doing and they still had a loooooong liiiiiiiiine. We decided to go over and start golfing and let them catch up with us.



So, you can see, I was hardly WITH Alex. :p After we finished our round of golf (with Ken and Alex joining us on the 12th hole), we decided to call it an evening. The weather was starting to cool down and the breeze was picking back up.
We had Alex's birthday dinner at Red, Hot and Blue.
Joseph on hearing the "blues" outside the restaurant, starts bumping and grinding in that special Joseph way.
Ken: Joseph, do you have the blues?
Joseph: No, I have the oranges.

I WILL get a picture of Alex when he picks up his birthday present. ;)

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