Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joseph wants to go to "school"

The last week or so, Joseph has mentioned going to school several times. Last week, he said he wanted to go to school.....but, after he was done with popcorn sales (in his head, the public school kids can't go out every night and sell popcorn like he can). Today, he mentioned it again.
So, finally, I asked.
"Joseph, what is it that you want to do at school that we don't do?"
His answer...."I NEED a lab. I am going to be a biologist and a biomechanical engineer and I NEED a lab."
He was a little disappointed to hear that 3rd graders don't really have access to a lab at school. ;)

In other news, Joseph is working on a book. He informed the girls that their computer time is going to be limited for a while because he is working on his book.

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KenD said...

A lab is a must.