Saturday, July 5, 2008

Libby has a new do

Libby has been asking for a haircut since about April. I had been putting her off so that we could get through recital with some hair. I guess that excuse ran out a couple of weeks ago (since recital was actually in mid-May) because she tried to remove a stubborn ponytail elastic with scissors and managed to get a chunk of her hair with it. It didn't look as bad as some of the self-inflicted haircuts of the past, so I kind of ignored it for a few weeks. Today, I finally took her in to get it fixed. I asked her if she wanted to just have that piece blended in or if she wanted all of it cut off at that length. She wanted it gone!
This was earlier this week. You can see on her right cheek some of the prior damage.

And here she is now...

Doesn't she look grown up?!

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