Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dance season

I ran into some glitches with storing photos on blogger. I think I have it figure out now so that it won't take me hours and a bunch of crazy gymnastics to get my pictures to post. I am going to backtrack a bit and fill in the last month or so. The Oktoberfest dance season has almost come and gone this year. I thought I better get some pictures on here before it completely gets away from me. I didn't get as many pictures as I have in past years because I spend a lot of time coordinating kids between dances and making sure we have everyone that needs to be there. I did get a few though. These pictures are from the German American Society luncheon in October. Joseph was sick, so none of him. Libby is wearing lederhosen. We were so short of boys this year that we had to ask some girls to dance "boy parts". Libby said she would, but only if she could wear lederhosen. Doesn't she look cute though?

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