Monday, May 9, 2011

JoeFest (AKA Joseph is 11!)

Joseph turned 11 today! Joseph is the same age that Alex was when he was born.
We started out the day really living on the edge. We had Joseph's La Madeleine Ann's Cake for BREAKFAST! This was a first in our family, but there wasn't too much push back on it. ;)

Then it was time for our long awaited trip to Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine. We got there a few minutes before they opened.

It starts out with a mock tour of the "factory". Joseph got to turn the crank because he was the birthday boy.

There there as a ride that had shooting involved. This is a picture of the screen of our "action shot" during the ride.

The other ride at the Discovery Center was one of those that goes around in a circle. You go up and down by pedaling.
Because of the indoor lighting, lots of yellow and the speed of the ride, the pictures might make you sick. :p

The kids did some building. There was a racetrack to test cars on and shaking platforms to simulate earthquakes for lego buildings. 

The coolest thing there was the miniature Dallas/Ft. Worth made out of Legos. They had all kinds of landmarks. The big ones like Ranger and Dallas stadium, but smaller ones like Granada Theater. Also, historic ones like Union Station and the Book Depository.

Most of us made it through the morning with just the cake, but Caroline did need a little pick-me-up of cantaloupe. The food was typically high priced and mostly snacks. I did see some people in the center eating from brown bags, so I guess they might allow outside food. You can get your hand stamped, go to the food court and eat, then come back. It wasn't worth it to us. We were ready to leave after a couple of hours.
One thing that threw us was when we were in the store and trying to buy some things, Joseph couldn't use his Lego gift card that I bought for him because Lego Discovery Center and the Lego Store associated with it are not the same company as the Lego Store in the other malls. So, after a lunch at Ritzy's, we made a stop at Stonebriar Mall to spend our Lego gift card.
Joseph and Ken are joined by "Bananas", Libby's new monkey stuffed animal that she got the other day as a gift from Alex.

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