Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carter Jr.

I believe I have posted before about the amazing grant that I received from National Endowment for the Humanities, Picturing America. They gave away thousands of grants to schools and homeschools for an American Art and History program. They sent gorgeous 24"x36" prints plus a teacher guide....all very well done. That was amazing by itself.
Our co-op has enjoyed the prints for multiple classes and semesters, especially during our last semester which had an America theme.
Even better was when the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth offered an additional grant to those that had already received the prints through NEH. I was lucky enough to have been selected to participate with about 50 other teachers, including public, private and homeschool educators. Through this grant, we received a lot MORE benefits, including a stipend for me to attend, a special planned field trip for our co-op (including mileage reimbursement!), access to special materials and then, today, I received a box with books, posters and note cards in it. 
We already love the Amon Carter Museum. They do an amazing job with their educational programs and my kids love going there. We just did their latest book club and adored the selection. I highly recommend The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate to all of my friends, whether you have kids to read it with or not.
So, to the point of this post. After the box arrived in the mail today, the girls were very excited. They decided to create "Carter, Jr." in our school room. We hung up the posters we just received (the other prints will be added after we receive them back from co-op) and they displayed the books that the museum sent, plus a few select ones they thought would fit in.
Currently, they are in there, conducting their own Carter, Jr. Bookclub. :D

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Stacy Fuller said...

This makes my heart VERY happy! I am so glad that you and your children have enjoyed participating in our programs and love seeing the Carter Jr. pictures. We can't wait to see you at the museum again soon!

Stacy Fuller
Director of Education
Amon Carter Museum of American Art