Friday, October 15, 2010

Nasher Sculpture Center

We had one of our favorite field trip destinations...the Nasher. Not only do they give you a pencil and a sketchbook when you go there, they also have awesome exhibits and really cool projects to do. ;)
Today's class was on innovation in artists use different materials that might not always be considered art material. Some of it really reminded me of my grandfather. He never met a piece of junk that he did not get along with, I don't think. He would have fit right in at this exhibit.
I think that Libby has something that she wants to contribute to this discussion...
 One of the really cool sculptures that we saw.

Libby had a lot to say today.

Working on our projects. The kids had to decide whether to build a weather machine, time machine or machine to do their chores. Then they were each given a lunchbag full of stuff to use to build it. Everyone had different stuff. (Caroline, Libby and our friend Ben)

Joseph and our friends Alex and Alia.

Caroline's weather machine.
Joseph's invention.
Ben contemplating what he should do next.
Alia and her machine.
Alex and his innovation.

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