Sunday, September 26, 2010

People of Sparks

We finished People of Sparks in Moving Beyond the Page last week, one literature unit down, 11 to go! The kids really enjoyed this story.
The final project they were asked to consider what would have happened if the citizens of Ember had emerged from under the earth in a different location.
They were supposed to make a flag, do a Venn diagram, make a map and write an essay. Somehow, NONE of them wrote the essay. They kept making more pieces and avoiding the writing. :p Joseph ended up with the first three components, a diagram of the government color coded to go with the flag and the map.  

 Joseph's Budthorn

Libby's Green Mountain (the "characters" are actually buildings. Apparently, the people emerged in a Disney World that was in Vermont. :p)

Caroline's Opportunity
(Her picture is of the beach and the ocean. There are doors all over both of them where the people can go to get everything they need to live. )

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