Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We are back in full gear....

OK, summer is over and it is time for me to get out of this blogging slump.
We started our new school year last week, a little later than usual because, well, we didn't have the curriculum. :p
Our first unit  in Moving Beyond the Page is Geography. It's actually supposed to be the second unit, but the materials were on back order, so I decided to start with #2. It's worked out really well. Who knew that Geography would be a topic that they were all so interested in?
The novel (as you saw in my last post) that goes along with it is "The People of Sparks". The kids loved the movie "City of Ember" and they are also really enjoying this second book in the series.
Joseph has really upped his output on projects so far this year. He has gone above and beyond on several different things. It started with the video in my last post, then he made a map of our neighborhood that is worthy of Mapsco. It is completely to scale and full of details (I would upload a picture of it, but it is MIA at the moment.)
Today, we were going over some landform terms (isthmus, peninsula, island, fjord, bay, strait). As we were finishing writing the definitions, drawing a picture and giving an example, Joseph announces that he is going to make an island with all of these features. (Little did he know that this was an extension activity suggested in MBTP ;)). So, I said, "Go for it!"
This is what he came up with.

(Yes, everything has a "car" theme to it.)

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