Friday, January 30, 2009

Nasher Homeschool Workshop

The Nasher is always a fun trip. Always. The kids love the sculpture gardens and I am always amazed at the comments they make and the works that appeal to them.
Today, we had signed up for a Homeschool Workshop about the process of making a sculpture.
Here is Caroline paying very close attention to different types of sculptures being described while wearing her glasses from her Recycled Art class. ;)
The guard made me put my camera up after that and I didn't get any more pictures. I don't know what the deal was with that. The Nasher USUALLY allows cameras and I wasn't using a flash. :(
There is a special exhibit there right now of George Segal's Street Scenes.
The workshop was fabulous. I am always amazed at what the Nasher can do for families but not ask for any payment!
After hearing about how Segal went about making his sculptures, the kids made plaster casts of faces (using plastic faces). They were able to bring home the extra plaster casting, the plastic faces, their works of art and they also did some modeling in clay that they got to take with them.
Once home, Joseph was convinced that he was going to do a plaster cast of Caroline. After I convinced him that we probably did not have enough casting material left to do that, he opted to do one of a toy Triceratops. ;)

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