Monday, December 1, 2008

Early Christmas?

Today at Scottish Rite, while Joseph and Caroline were hard at work on their math, one of the Child Life people approached us to let us know that there was an event up in Child Life. They had a bunch of members of Texas Auctioneers up there, a ton of toys and piles of monopoly money. They gave the kids money and let them bid on toys like a real auction.
My kids were a bit intimidated at first because of the auction chant, but they still managed to get away with some great stuff. ;)
Joseph got a digital watch and he got an IDog for Libby. Caroline got two little journals, a hair doo-dad kit and some kind of electronic game.
I have a feeling that this won't be the last time this month that we end up with a pile of stuff when we come home from Libby's school.
Because of how Scottish Rite is set up, whenever there is any kind of event, they are always begging us to attend (it is set up as clinics, so on a daily basis they never really know what kids are available for the fun stuff). So Joseph and Caroline get to reap the benefits of Libby being in class.

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