Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homosassa, FL....Day 2

Today was the day we were supposed to wake up early and go swim with the manatees. I made the reservations MONTHS ago and had an email confirmation that said:
Hello Theresa,

     This e-mail confirms your reservation for 4 persons Tour A June 29h.
Please bring swimsuit and towel and meet at 1 Southwest 1st Place Crystal
River,FL 34429 at 7:30am.

   See you soon and thank you for choosing my company.


               Captain Mike

So, I got the kids up early and we were there 30 minutes early, more than the website suggested. We get there, only to find out that the boat had already left and that the time is actually supposed to be 7 am.
I had printed out all of our confirmations, but had neglected to bring this one with us on that day. It was sitting back in the room.
While Captain Mike is telling me, over and over again, that the time has ALWAYS been 7 am and he has been doing this for ten years and NEVER had someone tell him that the time was wrong on the confirmation, I am trying to pull up my email on my phone with my hands shaking and thinking to myself, "Oh, crap. I really screwed this up."
Alex helps me with the search and I finally pull up the above email. I show it to Alex to make sure that I am not just plain nuts. Alex confirms that it says 7:30, so I show it to Captain Mike. He was stunned. He offered to let us come the next day, which happened to work out ok, so we did that.
Because of this little change, we had the entire day ahead of us!
We are on the Gulf Coast side of Florida and along a part of the coast that is not known for beaches. However, we had passed a sign on the way to the boat dock, so I decided to take the kids to the beach. Because it was so early, we had the beach to ourselves. I think this was the kids favorite part of the trip. They were ready to move to the coast!
After a couple of hours there, we left and went to the Ellie Schiller State Park where "our" manatee is a resident. We finally got to meet Ariel!

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