Friday, November 12, 2010

Finger Knitting

Yesterday, at co-op, I professed my absolute boredom with knitting. I just can't sustain my attention on it. Maybe that is partly because I have never learned to do anything other than just knit. I would not have a clue how to begin making a recognizable object.
But after making this loudly known yesterday, today Libby asked if I could show her how to finger knit again. She was quite the expert when she was about 5, but she hasn't done it in a long time. Then Joseph and Caroline thought that sounded like a really fun thing to do today, so we headed for a quick trip to the store to buy some yarn (because Ginger has found our yarn box and likes to take off the lid and remove the yarn from the box...not good for yarn.)
Libby is finger knitting. Joseph and Caroline are using spool knitters. They are basically the same uses fingers and one uses little posts. 

We had to give Ginger some of the old yarn that we had. She must be part cat. She really wanted to steal the yarn that the kids were working with.


Theresa said...

So funny. I took a knitting class 4 years ago, started a scarf...then decided I really need to finish other projects that I started before I get into knitting. I am now - 4 years later! -almost done with them and was in Michaels the other day and yarn was on sale, and I love the colors and textures...but, I am not sure that I am a knitter. :(

Maybe I should just teach my kids to finger knit. Maybe that would satisfy this need I have to be a knitter.

Tobias & Ashley said...

those are wonderful large spool knitters! I forgot about finger knitting...I think that I willteach the kiddos that today as we need to lay low!