Friday, April 9, 2010

The Nasher Homeschool Workshop

We had another workshop at the Nasher today (always a favorite event). First, though, we went to the "new" McKinney library (it opened last fall but we hadn't made it over there yet). The kids were very excited because we went to the library to get books for their Research Papers. They have all chosen their topics. Joseph is going to be researching "Special Effects in Early Movies". Libby is going to be working on a paper about Vincent Van Gogh and Caroline has chosen "19th Century Magicians in Europe". They are so excited about doing "research".
The exhibit at The Nasher right now is a sculptor named Jaume Plensa. As usual, the workshop was fabulous and gave us a lot of insight into this amazing artist. Here are some pictures of the works on exhibit and the kids.

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