Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, Monday.....

No pictures memory card is missing (Alex is still looking for it).

Today marked the day that the official "Take Flight" curriculum started at Scottish Rite for Libby. The last nine weeks they have been working on phonemic awareness. Her homework up until now has been only to read to her for 15 minutes per day.
Now, though, she has to practice her cursive handwriting, do her RAP (which has nothing to do with the music genre ;)) and practice her sight words (but they have a different term for them). Today, she practiced writing lowercase p's and b's in cursive. She is very proud of herself for learning cursive before Joseph. ;)

Oh, on the way to SR this morning, Joseph vomited out of the blue with no warning. Luckily, we were earlier than usual so we had time to stop at Target at Cityplace and buy a new tshirt and blue jeans. Joseph's comment, "I never knew that something so cute could come from something so gross." (He liked his new Madagascar 2 tshirt.

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